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Consider having your kitchen spray painted. A good kitchen is capable of a lifetime of service and spray painting is a perfect way to completely change the look of your existing cabinets and drawers, even the handles can be changed. There is very little disruption, you won't even have to empty your cupboards!

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Slide through the images to see some great examples of spray painted kitchen cabinets, including some images before spray painting.


Click the main image to zoom in for a better look.

Kitchen painted in Hardwick White

Kitchen painted in Hardwick White

Oak kitchen painted in Hardwick White eggshell.

Wimbourne White painted kitchen

Wimbourne White painted kitchen

This older solid wood kitchen was spray painted in Farrow & Ball Wimbourne White. A handle change completes the transformation.

Lime White and Mouse's back kitchen

Lime White and Mouse's back kitchen

Beech kitchen transformed after spray painting units in Lime White and Mouse's Back for the island.

Little Greene Stock 37 kitchen

Little Greene Stock 37 kitchen

Framed kitchen painted in Little Greene's Stock 37.

Little Greene Hollyhock painted kitchen with a handle change

Little Greene Hollyhock painted kitchen with a handle change

Painted oak kitchen in Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell, colour is Hollyhock. Fitted with new ceramic handles.

Oak to Cornforth White

Oak to Cornforth White

Magnet Oak kitchen, a perfect foundation to lighten up using Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White

Little Greene Windmill Lane Painted KitchenKitchen

Little Greene Windmill Lane Painted KitchenKitchen

Oak shaker doors and a handle change.

Little Greene Pearl Colour & Tea with Florence Kitchen - DIY Option

Little Greene Pearl Colour & Tea with Florence Kitchen - DIY Option

Pearl Colour top cupboards combined with Tea with Florence on the bottom. Both in Little Greene Intelligent Satinwood finish. A striking combination of colours. The client hand-painted their own fixtures and the doors alone were painted through the DIY option.

French Grey and Woad

French Grey and Woad

Wooden kitchen painted in Little Greene's French Grey and Woad Blue.

Little Greene Portland Stone 77

Little Greene Portland Stone 77

Original kitchen doors where a plastic wood effect. Prepared, Primed and Spray Painted with Portland Stone 77

Little Greene Lead Colour kitchen

Little Greene Lead Colour kitchen

Little Greene Lead Colour 117 was chosen for this painted kitchen.

Slipper Satin Spray Painted Kitchen

Slipper Satin Spray Painted Kitchen

Rustic finish and highly detailed bespoke oak kitchen was prepared, primed and spray painted with Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin Modern Eggshell finish.

Little Greene Shirting kitchen

Little Greene Shirting kitchen

Little Greene Shirting 129 kitchen, renovated and resprayed.

Painted Framed Oak Kitchen

Painted Framed Oak Kitchen

Oak Framed Kitchen Painted in House White accompanied by a handle change.

Pavilion Grey spray painted kitchen

Pavilion Grey spray painted kitchen

The dark wood doors of this kitchen were lightened using Pavilion Grey with glass fronted cupboards facing into the living area.

Little Greene Hollyhock 25 Kitchen

Little Greene Hollyhock 25 Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets painted in Little Greene Hollyhock 25 with internal wood finish. Client painted the side panels using the DIY service.

Little Green Dash of Soot kitchen

Little Green Dash of Soot kitchen

This old spruce kitchen was sound but had turned from blonde wood to orange over time. Spray painted Little Greene's Dash of Soot 244.

Oak detail and Old White paint

Oak detail and Old White paint

The baskets, shelves and wine rack of this rustic oak kitchen were framed and painted with Farrow & Ball Old White, using the original wood as a successful contrast..

Little Greene Hollyhock kitchen

Little Greene Hollyhock kitchen

This oak kitchen was partially painted using Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell, Hollyhock, leaving some of the original limed oak as a contrast.

Beige Melamine spray in Shaded White

Beige Melamine spray in Shaded White

Melamine kitchen primed in adhesive primer before spray painting in Farrow & Ball's Shaded White.

Framed Kitchen with a handle change

Framed Kitchen with a handle change

Solid wood framed kitchen spray painted in Little Greene Mono 218

Little Greene Portland Stone 77

Little Greene Portland Stone 77

Kitchen door painted in Little Greene Portland Stone 77. The character of the joinery and grain still shows through the spray painted finish.

Mid Lead Colour 114 Kitchen

Mid Lead Colour 114 Kitchen

Howdens kitchen doors were painted with Little Greene Mid Lead Colour, providing a look that the manufacturer could not offer.

Oak Kitchen before/after

Oak Kitchen before/after

Oak doors painted with Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White.

Fixture Painting in progress!

Fixture Painting in progress!

This is how your kitchen will look with the fixtures painted before the doors return. The cupboards remain stocked and in use. There's very little disruption.

Beech island in Mouse's Back

Beech island in Mouse's Back

Beech Island spray painted in Mouse's Back complimented by beech units painted in Lime White.

Little Greene Joanna 130 Kitchen

Little Greene Joanna 130 Kitchen

Spray Painted Kitchen doors in Little Greene's Joanna 130 and a worktop change by the client.

Little Green Gauze kitchen door

Little Green Gauze kitchen door

Originally beige melamine. Resprayed in Little Greene's Gauze 106 before being refitted with new handles.

Grain remains clear to see.

Grain remains clear to see.

Spray paint does not clog features of the kitchen doors.

Kitchen door in the spray room

Kitchen door in the spray room

Kitchen doors are professionally prepared and spray painted in a dedicated spray booth.

Painted kitchen doors drying

Painted kitchen doors drying

Doors are primed and painted multiple times, seen here curing on a drying rack between coats.

Little Greene Sage Green 80 Kitchen

Little Greene Sage Green 80 Kitchen

Melamine Kitchen doors seen here spray painted in Little Greene Sage Green 80.


Actual popular paint brands are used, Little Greene, Mylands and Farrow & Ball. Paints are applied using modern spray painting equipment. The paint finish is excellent and the colour choice is extensive.


Full Service

We primarily provide the full service of removing doors, drawers and other removable components to be prepared and spray painted at our workshop, the remaining fixtures, for example, the side panels, are prepared, masked-off and spray painted in your home.


DIY Service

If you're on a tight budget, a partial service is available where we spray paint doors and drawer fronts and you hand-paint your own kitchen fixtures, we can provide instruction, primer, paint and other materials to help you get an excellent result. 


Request a fully comprehensive Kitchen painting estimate

Kitchen Spray Painting frequently asked questions.

Spray painting your kitchen is a great way to transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Painted kitchen cabinets have a quality of their own and many kitchen manufacturers place painted kitchens amongst their premium ranges.


Below are some of the most frequent questions that we get asked about spray painting kitchens.


Q: What locations do you serve?

A: We are based in Bromley in Kent and provide our service to Bromley, Beckenham, Forest Hill, Sidcup, Bexleyheath, Dartford, Eltham, Welling, Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Westerham and parts of Kent within 30 minutes of Bromley. If in doubt email us and ask. If it's only your doors you want to be painted, see our DIY service for details, then you can also deliver and collect yourself.

Q: What surfaces can be spray painted?

A: The majority of manufactured finishes can be spray painted. Varnished wood for sure, melamine and most previously painted surfaces. If in any doubt we can test a discreet area of the kitchen furniture to ensure paint adhesion. Please note that we do not spray bespoke raw unpainted MDF built doors.


Q: What paints are used, are they special?

A:  High-quality furniture paint is used, some call them designer paints. Mylands Eggshell, Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell and Intelligent Satinwood, Farrow and Ball’s Modern Eggshell. All paints are water-based, have low emissions and provide an extensive choice of colours for your kitchen. Importantly, you can always get hold of them should you need to extend your kitchen or make good any damage in the future.  


Q: How do I choose a colour?

A:  Select your colour from the paint manufacturers website. Little GreeneMylandsFarrow and Ball. Note that Mylands will colour match other paint manufacturers colours.

Q: What’s the process?

A: Given that kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removable, these are collected and taken to our workshop for spray painting, once complete we return and refit. Any fixtures that cannot be removed, examples being cupboard end panels, are prepared with a dust-free sanding system before being spray painted in situ. For a small to medium-sized kitchen our time in your home is usually no more than two to three days, one or two to remove the kitchen and paint the fixtures, the other to return the doors for refitting. Whilst your doors are away, your kitchen remains fully usable, albeit without doors.


Q: I would like to reduce costs and DIY some of the work, can I paint the fixtures myself?

A: Yes you can and many do.  Download these instructions on how to get a brushstroke free finish on your fixtures, a competent DIYer or decorator can then complete this work. Deliver and collect your own kitchen doors too and save even more. We can supply the paint and primer and advise on techniques and materials to get the best possible hand-painted finish to sit perfectly with your spray painted doors. Here are some further resources to help you take on some or all of the job yourself. Tips on painting cabinets. All you need to know about hand painted kitchens.


Q: Can I change the handles?

A: Yes. The handles are removed for spray painting, you can change them too. Changing handles may require new holes to be drilled and the old holes filled, we can do this for you too, details will be provided in your estimate. Choose your own handles and supply them when the doors are collected.


Q: Do you spray paint the kitchen fixtures in my home?

A: Yes, although it is dependant on the area being accessible to spray. Fixed kitchen cabinet end panels are an example of furniture that can be spray painted on-site, this requires that we mask off the area around the component that is being painted. When fixtures are not situated well enough to spray paint then these are hand-painted with a fine roller following the same preparations that we undertake when spraying. 


Q: How long do I have to wait before I can use the kitchen?

A: Your kitchen furniture will be dry enough to handle and use within a day of painting and we would plan to return and refit the doors within a week of painting. However, it can take a few weeks for modern water-based wood paint to fully cure to its hardest finish. Once cured a painted finish is durable and easy to maintain.


Q: What if the paint gets scratched or marked?

A: Fully cured paint will resist all but the hardest contact. In the event that you do need to retouch a scratch then use the original paint applied by brush.


Q: Do you paint stand-alone furniture, wardrobes or bathrooms?

A: No, I'm afraid not. We concentrate wholly on kitchens.

Q: I'm not in the locations that you serve, or I am local but would like to deliver/collect myself, can I arrange to deliver and collect the kitchen doors/drawer fronts myself?

A: Yes you can. Arrange to get the doors delivered to us for painting and once done you can arrange for them to be collected, see details of our DIY service.


Q: I'm delivering and collecting the doors/drawers myself but I have fixtures that need painting too?

A: If you have fixtures in your kitchen that need painting to match your cupboard doors/draws then download these instructions on how to get a brushstroke free finish, a competent DIYer or Decorator can then complete this work. 


Q: Do you paint radiators and household doors?

A: No sorry, we don't paint radiators or regular doors, we specialise solely in kitchens.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Email us with a brief outline of your requirements dimensions, images of your kitchen and your location. There is an example list of the information we require below. Once gathered send to info. We will then get back to you with a fully comprehensive estimate of the cost of the spray painting within a working day or so. If you're happy with the estimate then we'll arrange a date to commence the work, we'll also meet and of course, you are welcome to arrange a visit to see examples of the paint finish beforehand too.

Typical costs


Here are example costs to prepare, prime and spray paint common sized single-panel Shaker-style kitchen cupboard doors or drawers. Kitchen removal & refitting and painting fixed components on-site are additional, these additional costs are covered in our estimates.


Typical kitchen door/drawer costs:

  • 30 x 55 Kitchen cupboard door £35

  • 30 x 72 Kitchen cupboard door £45

  • 40 x 55 Kitchen cupboard door £40

  • 40 x 72 Kitchen cupboard door £50

  • 50 x 55 Kitchen cupboard door £45

  • 50 x 72 Kitchen cupboard door £55

  • 60 x 55 Kitchen cupboard door £50

  • 60 x 72 Kitchen cupboard door £60

  • Glass-paned cupboard doors add £20

  • Kitchen drawer front 60x16 £35


Additional services:

  • Kitchen component removal and refitting.

  • On-site kitchen fixture spraypainting.

  • Delivery and collection available for DIY painters.

  • Repairs prior to painting 

  • Change of handles using existing holes. Free of charge.

  • Change of handles if existing holes are filled and handles repositioned. 

Paint costs:

  • Cost of paint is additional and is supplied at cost price. See the FAQ's for more information on paint options.

Details of all the above services and their associated costs will be included in your estimate

Paint ranges we use include Little Greene, Mylands, Farrow & Ball. Finishes are eggshell, intelligent eggshell, intelligent satinwood and modern eggshell. Further detail on the paint is included in the FAQs above and with your estimate.



Estimates & Contact details


If you have decided that spray painting your kitchen is an option then why not find out how much it will cost, simply email us the information below and we will provide an estimate that will provide a comprehensive breakdown detailing each step and the costs to transform your kitchen.


Email us the following information for an estimate:

  1. Pictures of the entire kitchen. 

  2. Rough height/width/depth dimensions in cm for all the kitchen doors, drawers, side panels. 

  3. Please provide your location.


Here's an example list. Use this format and we can provide an estimate swiftly. 

Kitchen Doors

4 x 50x72cm

2 x 30x72cm

6 x 60x72cm

2 x 40x55cm

Total doors 14

Kitchen Drawers

5 x 30x15cm

1 x 50x30cm

Total drawers 6

Kitchen Sundries

4 metres total of floor plinth

3.5 metres total of cabinet top cornice

4.2 metres total of cabinet bottom pelmet

1 x Kitchen corner shelf unit

Kitchen Side Panels

2 x 180x60cm end of top units

1 x 72x60cmn end of bottom units

1 x 195x60cmn tower end unit

Total side panels 4

Include your location 

Catford SE6

Send several images

Send images of the entire kitchen, including one image of a door open exposing the hinge. Please do not send video, images are more useful.

Estimates typically take a few working days to draft and return. Estimates include the costs for both our Full Service and DIY Service.


Email the above to



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Email :


Client comments


"I still love my kitchen! A year on, I smile when I walk into it each morning, thank you."

 Maria, Bromley


"We love the new colour and feel it changes the whole vibe of the kitchen/dining area. Once the new lights have been installed I will send you some pictures. Many thanks for your professional service, you've been a pleasure to work with."

 - Emma, Kent


“We wanted to write to let you know how delighted we’ve been with our resprayed kitchen. From the beginning John gave us confidence that he was a real professional, coming to view the existing kitchen to check it was in good enough condition to produce a finish he would be happy with. He was also very knowledgable offering advice on colour, finish, paints and handles all of which contributed to our decisions. There was great communication throughout and everything was completed to time. It was a real bonus that the kitchen was useable all the way through so there was no disruption at all. We are thrilled with the finished article, which is beyond our expectations. 

 - Joanna & Matt, Beckenham


"I just wanted to say another heartfelt thank you for my beautifully painted kitchen units. They cheer me up on a daily basis in these difficult times."

 - Gillian, Petts Wood


"I am truly grateful to you for the wonderful transformation of my kitchen. Your thorough perfectionist work is inspirational. I will endeavour to maintain the perfection!  Currently, busy sending pictures to friends.... A wonderful experience...." 

 - Janet, Kent


"Thank you for preparing such a wonderfully comprehensive and clear quote/estimate. It is the best I have received in the 42 years during which my wife and I have lived in Edwardian houses!!"

 - Leigh, Dulwich

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